Submission Guidelines

So you want to write for Huzzah!

We are an online journal publishing blog posts, short essays, short non-fiction, and reflection pieces between 500-2000 words. Occasionally we’ll publish short, 100-word pieces on particular topics, such as profiles or news items. We’re a feminist journal, and we publish pieces from all perspectives – personal, academic, or anecdotal – on women in society, and men and women surviving in a patriarchy. Please take some time to read our FAQ and mandate as well as previous posts for an idea of our style, aims and content. We can’t pay you. Your piece must  be respectful, compassionate, and have something to say.

If  the thought bubble over your head contains the words, “Great! How do I start?” — read on: publishes twice a month. We plan articles from several weeks to several months in advance, so if you’re hooking your piece to a current event, you’ll need to pitch it with that in mind, showing access or insight that should move you up the queue. Otherwise, be prepared to submit your article two (2) weeks in advance.

To pitch: send us a short email pitch at, explaining:

-what you want to write about,

-why you are the person to do so

-why you want it to appear on our site.

Please include the word PITCH – all caps – in the email subject, and provide links to three (3) previously published pieces.

If you haven’t got three published pieces, that’s OK! You can also send us two (2) sample paragraphs of the article you want to write, along with any other writing samples you may have that show us what you can do. We may get in touch and ask for some clarification, or require more info before taking the story.

We reserve the right to final say of what goes on the site, and we won’t post articles that don’t meet our standards. You’ll see the final piece – if you strongly disagree with any edits, you have the right to pull the piece. Please talk to us before you do so, as it may be possible for you to submit a re-edited piece for future consideration. Again, we strongly urge you to read the FAQ and Mandate.


3 thoughts on “Submission Guidelines

  1. Shosh says:

    Hi dear editors — Mistake in e-mail address listed under “To pitch:”?

  2. […] and we’ve got some exciting stuff for you. If you are interested in submitting, check out the Submission Guidelines at, and shoot us an email at […]

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