What are grounds for deleting comments or posts?

Grounds for deleting comments or posts include the use of abusive language (including Name-Calling, Slurs and Epithets, the Use of Stereotype, Personal Remarks), and Remarks involving the Introduction of Unrelated Subject Matter into a Discussion.

Why are Remarks involving the Introduction of Unrelated Subject Matter grounds for deletion?

Public discussion is important for community-building, and we welcome it. There is no topic that is unconditionally out-of-bounds, and discussions can drift as they progress. Drift will, however, be monitored, to prevent discussions from becoming a vehicle of propagating the views of any one participant (i.e., if you want to pitch an article, pitch procedures are available—don’t use an article’s wall as your soapbox).

What is considered to be ‘name-calling’?

Name-calling is the assignment of a characteristic via a word whose primary definition is pejorative, and/or whose purpose within its context is to express disapproval without substantive critique. (i.e., “you dumb bitch”)

Do you editors disagree on anything? Who’s the boss?

We, the founding editors, disagree on many things, and we make collective decisions about Blasfemmer on the basis of consensus. Consensus is not democracy; the majority does not rule over minority objections. Consensus is also not dictatorship, no one rules over a majority. In this respect, we have no united editorial position on any particular issue or policy that can be assumed to be the personal stance of each or any of the founding members. Consensus is not unanimity either; positions will be published that fall within the range of topics that we disagree upon, and you are welcome to disagree as well. However, although publication of an article is not an indication of editor approval of its position, publication IS an indication of our having reached consensus that it has a role to play in advancing our Mandate.



The advocacy of women’s rights on the grounds of political, social, and economic equality to men.


  1. an adult human female

  2. an adult human who identifies as female

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