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From left: Tova Kardonne, Mirra Kardonne, Amorina Kingdon, and Amy Medvick

Mirra Kardonne

Mirra Kardonne is an actor and mixed-media artist, kicking up a fuss in Toronto, her home and native town. Although Mirra started professionally training in acting for theater and film from an early age, she graduated from the University of Toronto with a specialist honours degree in Jewish studies. She has been a gallery artist and commissioned painter since 2010.
Mirra is also co-founder and co-director of Mouthful of Fireflies Productions, and recently wrapped it’s inaugural short film, Let Go, and is currently filming their web series Life Of Di, to be released in January 2015.
To find out what’s happening with Mirra, follow her @MirraKardonne and visit her pagehttp://mirrakardonne.com/, and http://www.mouthfuloffireflies.com/

Now as a co-editor-in-chief of blasfemmer.com, Mirra will be inviting and encouraging (with much love and affection) any and all with something to say about the patriarchal rodeo to contribute and join the conversation!

Tova Kardonne

Tova Kardonne is a Toronto-based composer, improviser, and musician, with a background in philosophy, mathematics, linguistics, choreography, and a practice of dance/ music co-creation. Her compositions have toured the world, scored film installation, and accompanied works of theatre, dance, and performance art. The main vehicle for Tova’s composition is The Thing Is, her 8-piece World Jazz fusion ensemble (www.myspace.com/thethingismusic — in which co-BlasFemmer Amy Medvick plays flute) which released its debut CD in 2012; it received the Toronto Jazz Festival Special Project award. Tova has never really gotten over the shock of finding out that some people are ill-intentioned. She also the founder of Musi-Ciel, an in-school music initiative teaching chamber string lessons in French to students of francophone elementary schools around Toronto. To learn more about Musi-Ciel, her private work as a music teacher, upcoming The Thing Is concerts and her next improvising gig, go to http://tovakardonne.com/ of follow her @TovaGKardonne.

Amorina Kingdon

Amorina Kingdon was in Peterborough, then she was in Ottawa, then she was in Montreal, and now she’s in Toronto. She’s a science communicator by day and a science fiction writer by night. A vegetable gardener extraordinaire, she has a degree in biology, a diploma in journalism, and has worked in IT, human resources, landscaping, and gardening. Her pet topics are how the human animal can best live in a technological world, how gender fits into that, and what sex and relationships will look like in the future. She’s also very interested in medicine and food in society.
This is sounding like a very generic biography, isn’t it? Perhaps some trivia will paint a deeper picture. A tradition in Amorina’s family is to go water-skiing in frigid water on Victoria Day each year, a tradition she had upheld for over a decade. As a reporter, she has called a dead man’s family and asked for a photograph, and then called them back and asked for one with better resolution. Her first kiss involved the phrase, ‘no offense, but French kissing sucks.’

Amy Medvick

Amy Medvick is a singer and flautist who has been living, thinking, painting, writing words and music, and generally trying to be a force in Toronto since 2003. She completed Humber College’s Jazz Program in 2007 and performs regularly with her band Os Tropies (a tribute to the psychedelica of 1960’s Brazil, which she hopes can continue to be the force for social change here that it was there). They just released their debut EP TROPICALIA! In February 2013. She also performs regularly with The Thing Is, the balkan-jazz fusion project of fellow agitator and blasfemmer, Tova Kardonne. For the past year or so, Amy has been raising a stink on facebook over the plight of girls and women, and she’s very excited to finally make it official with this blog. She will be beginning her Master’s in Ethnomusicology at University of Toronto in the fall of 2013, where she plans to lay the groundwork for future research into the role of women and gender identity in the music of Brazil. Here at blasfemmer.com, expect the see Amy dive fearlessly into the fervid waters of sex and sexual politics, ever the intrepid defender of freedom of sexual expression and enthusiastic consent.


One thought on “About Us

  1. As a former Torontonian, a U of T alum and feisty feminist (now in NY), I salute y’all.

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