Editors New Years’ Resolutions!!!


~~~~HAPPY 2014 EVERYONE!!~~~~ 

To kick off 2014, we the Blasfemmer Editors offer 10 of our resolutions for this brand new,  shiny year! Here’s to courage, and to what comes next.

1. I resolve to try to judge a person’s feminism by their actions, not their words.


2. I resolve to be more sensitive to the experiences of individuals in other marginalized groups, helping to remind others that my feminism cares for the wellbeing of everyone.


3. I resolve to bypass the patriarchal imperative for female perfection by both accepting my flaws and idiosyncrasies, and working through any obstacles in a positive and constructive manner.


4. I resolve to have the courage to continue to talk about feminist issues with anyone who is receptive and interested- no matter how bizarrely they ask.

feminism is funny

5. I resolve to decimate sexists with intense excellence, that not only renders the culprit speechless and aware of wrongness, but also leaves a gleaming trail of inclusivity and empowerment behind.


6. I resolve to not let the pitch sail by—  but to speak up in the moment, not in anger, but in open-hearted responsiveness and love of the future equality-to-be.


7. I resolve to conserve my energy and respect my limits when dealing with the intractably sexist—  finding ways to protect myself in the midst of attack, and cutting ties with those who claim that my experience doesn’t exist.


8. I resolve to support and encourage those whose activism takes alternate routes to my own.

Ukrainian activist Inna Shevchenko, from the topless women's rights group Femen, poses in Paris

9.  I resolve to keep the faith that change is possible.


10. I resolve to remember the reality that there are lots of us; that part of the myth is that we’re each all alone in the big bad patriarchy, and that no one stands with us. We are many, and we are growing.

Mirra, Tova, Amy, Amorina

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