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Blasfemmy: one step back, two steps forward

Hi folks, and welcome to!

We are very excited to launch the site, and we have a lot of Big Ideas. We are here because we have each seen and felt the necessity of bringing the feminist conversation back into popular discourse.

The terms “feminism” and “feminist” have been maligned in recent years, turned into dirty words by those who fear the changes they require. We at want to remind you what feminists believe in and are fighting for: equality. Full human equality, that still to this day, women and girls don’t yet fully possess.

Each of us here were children in the 90s when Girl Power was the rage. Our evenings were spent watching Buffy and Xena messing up goons on TV. We have a lot of hopes for this site, but the biggest one is that we help remind young people that feminism is still relevant for them, the way it was for us– not only relevant, but critical to understanding who they are and living as free human beings. We know that the generation coming after us will make the choices that will shape the world and the future of feminsim.

For our inaugural post we are publishing a contribution from each of us (Amy Medvick, Tova Kardonne, Mirra Kardonne and Amorina Kingdon—the editors of

Amy Medvick – Our Lady Help of Adulteresses

Mirra Kardonne – Orange on the Seder Plate, A Cup of Spring Water…

Amorina Kingdon – Napalm Sunday

Tova Kardonne – An Extravagant Proposal

We also wanted to have a little fun and write a bit of creative nonfiction to introduce each of our personalities before we start grinding our axes (but we assure you, we have plenty of axes and you will definitely get to see us grind them in the near future!) In fact, in celebration of the many modes of being and communicating that is part of variegated human existence, expect to see us conduct the feminist conversation in both the logical, factual and analytical arena, as well as in the creative and expressive.

Tonight it is Beltane Eve, pagan holiday of spring. It’s fitting that with that first taste of freedom from winter’s oppression, we conceived of this project while celebrating our own spring holidays this past month. And so we each have a piece for you on the theme of feminism, religion, spring holidays and new beginnings; a snapshot of our personalities and our minds as we contemplate spring, new life, hope, and freedom. Here we are, perhaps seeing what has gone unseen, or re-evaluating and adjusting our traditions. Here we are, finding ways within the experience of oppression, and knowing that none of us are truly free until we are all free. Dig in and enjoy.

Happy Spring, and welcome to!